Please feel free to check out some of these web sites.
I enjoy them tremendously.
Some are educational, others are just plain fun.

With thousands of pages to explore, you'll have loads of learning fun with Clifford, Arthur & the entire PBS gang!

Games, Crafts & Fun for kids and parents


See what's happening on the Disney Channel

View some of the Magic Eye Inc. puzzles.

 Surfing the Net with Kids keeps kids safe on the Internet

There's plenty for kids to discover at Discovery Kids!

Keep up with the current events ~~ Read Time for Kids

Take a virtual tour of any of the 16 Smithsonian National Museums, see some of the world's most fascinating exhibits, or visit many national sites including the National Zoological Park

We teach the world to read!

Great country graphics web site is the number one link resource for research on each state.

This site contains thousands of sound files for your listening pleasure. - But there are a lot of other windows that automatically open in this site.

Courtesy of Animation City

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